Critical sound hits southampton

November 30, 2010

flyer for Release putting on a critical sound night.


more mayhem

December 14, 2009

the next flyer for dubstep mayhem, reverting back to my old style think it works nicely though. lot of work on at the mo, lots of logos which i never really enjoy, prefer to work with more information myself. doesn’t help my room is currently -6 degrees C, with a broken radiator. think it’s slowing my brain down.

going global…

December 18, 2008

here’s a flyer i just did for celebrity blogger Zack Taylor ( slightly different from my usual style, but usually don’t have to try and fit  this information on a single side. zack is from canada but found me on facebook, goes to show shameless self-promotion does work. With more nights in the pipeline, and me on the books hopefully the cross-continental work will continue. 



random work

November 4, 2008

just a random pic i did not for anything in particular



Nu-Clear Sounds flyer

November 4, 2008

new flyer for NU-CLEAR SOUNDS, a drum and bass night in bristol, can check it out here.