fun with isometric paper

May 4, 2009

new poster i’ve done for fmp referring to work getting me up in the morning, but keeping me awake at night. still got lots of work to do though,



real graph-ics

May 2, 2009

some more stuff for the fmp, actually looks like real graphic design rather than just an illustration. it’s looking at happiness of football supporters from last year, based on their position in the table each week. only 3 weeks now so need to go into maximum overdrive.


yid army

April 15, 2009

another poster for fmp, with the spurs leg-end keano



March 31, 2009

bit more new work for fmp, again the relevance is getting lost. but i’m happy with it, think it’s going to be a large poster girl-red-a4

simple simon

February 23, 2009

Some new illustration work, will all be brought into my final major project at some point. I’m quite pleased with it but I feel as though David Foldvari is rubbing off on me slightly too much, but to be honest it’s the direction my work is going in at the moment, the more simple hand-drawn stuff moving away from the vector style illustration.

the image used is also being used in grizzly old bear t-shirt, which will be u shortly once all the final bits are done.

also another quick note, for new designers;  GoMedia ( has some great advice on it, real designers who actually know what they’re talking about giving some insight into the whole industry.


some new illustrations & a little rant

January 13, 2009

here’s a few new illustrations, originally they were random bits of work i did, but due to my lack of work i tied them into my final university project which is centered around happiness. also just had an assessment which from my eyes can only be described as a shambles. My interest in the course is dissapearing quickly, with the briefs we get and the way they ask us to work, it’s meant to be a self-directed study but once i produce work they tell me to do it differently. so i reckon i’m not going to do too well for this module and what may be worse is it actually doesn’t bother me that much. but anywho, lifes a bitch and then you die, my dad taught me that.




tube type…

December 15, 2008

here’s something i’ve been working on for a university project, the brief is called “3 minutes” and ask to produce a piece of print work relating to something you can do/happens/relates to 3 minutes in some way. i was looking at 3 minutes that could change history in some way. and chose the 7/7 bombings in london, looking at the 3 minutes before it happened as the bombers were on the underground. anyway, here’s a typeface i made from the london underground map, this is just showing an example of it haven’t quite finished the whole alphabet yet but will be up  when i have.