Things on sale

July 17, 2010

can now buy a few of my t-shirts from can’t believe i’ve never found it before quick and easy to sell my stuff until I can affrod to actually get things printed myself.

Shockout & business progression

June 14, 2010


suddenly this week is turning out very well for me (cept for england & robert green), in the process of sorting out a deal with the clothes shop i’ve been mentioning which means some of my tees will be available to buy very soon, will update with details when all sorted, hopefully in the next fortnight. Also more stable freelance work which means less stress money wise and more stress work wise, but thas the way i like it. No time to celebrate still a lot of work to do.

anyways here’s a few bits, flyer and logo for Shockout, a new night in southampton for drum and bass night.

turtle tee

May 28, 2010

quite hungover today after an old fashioned lock-in at pub last night, but bought lots of summery fresh food for lunch, so feeling bit better. though long sleep is needed,

here’s a turtle tee.

dubstep and kerning

May 3, 2010

couple new things, flyers for subsplash, the dubstep mayhem night was cancelled, so re-did it for the all out night.

also t-shirt design for the graphic design ravers out there. not soo angry this week, calmed down a bit, though give it a week and i’m sure i’ll be able to get that pissed off again.

star wars love

April 21, 2010

currently have no commissions at the mo, which means no income, but also means I can happily do my own work without feeling too guilty. here’s some new t-shirt designs,  based on star wars, bit of a cliche but turned out nicely i think, gotta give some credit to Mr. Bingo who’s an awesome illustrator and can draw hair amazingly which inspired the chewbacca design.

shout outs and evil robots

April 19, 2010

quick shout to friend in Bristol who’s in the process of building up a clothes business, some really nice hand-made stuff, bags, hats, clothes jewelery etc.  really like the hats myself, can check out their website >>>><<<<, or join their facebook group >>>>>here<<<<<<

and here’s my pic of a killer dj robot