the yids are coming

May 6, 2010

this is how happy I am today, rocked my vote earlier as well


t-shirt designing

July 25, 2009

morning people,

haven’t put anything up in a while, but had a few commissions in the last few days, so there’ll be some more lovely flyer work up soon.
also thought i’d enter a t-shirt comp, for the fame recognition and cold hard cash. please have a vote for my entry it’s at my entry is called “the Raver” under the name bungodesign. check it out think i got a chance lot’s of lazy design on there, but also lots of nice things.

went to see spurs – barcalona at wembley yesterday, not an amazing performance but 1-1 in the end but wembley was pretty fantastico lucho diable, which is spanish for fantastic lucho diable

yid army

April 15, 2009

another poster for fmp, with the spurs leg-end keano


nothings happening

March 26, 2009

sitting here, trying to figure out what my final major project what it’s about and what i should do. but my brain is dead. the only thing i can come up with is making posters about how bollocks this whole process is. (phone call) football and music is the new idea, good excuse to see spurs aswell.