Critical sound hits southampton

November 30, 2010

flyer for Release putting on a critical sound night.

Selecta part 2

November 14, 2010

Follow up to the last flyer, part 2 of selectas christmas special.

Revenge of the Dub-Bot

September 18, 2010

Nother big Dub Politics night, standard. this time true tiger recs special. redesigned the dub bot for them. think it turned out nicely.

Dub Politics big ol’ birthday bash ft. The Grime Ministers

February 24, 2010

This is the big one, the Dub Politics birthday bash, they always deliver but they’ve outdone themselves this time with a night that rivals the biggest you’ll get in Bristol/Brighton/London and for humble Oxford thats saying something. Definitely making the trip back for this.

event page for it >>>here<<<

hopefully doing work for soon as well, squitty bubbler is a fairly new website that helps promotes up and coming dubstep producers giving them a good platform to showcase their music, despite being ┬ánew it’s already made a good name for itself, and nice to see they already got nice selection of my work on their page, props to the Document One boys for the shout-out as well.

Also in other related news, ‘The Grime Ministers EP’ from Document One and J-ME is out and will be free to download from sat 27th feb from I’ve had a little listen, and if you like dirty grimey ear abuse definitely worth getting, a proper review will be up on squitty bubbler soon as well I think, the nice chaps that they are got me to do the artwork for it.

for the time being though dub politics with borgore & funtcase at the bully in oxford this weekend, should be good. VJ Rage has animated the Dub Bot so it should be skanking around to the crunch and wobble, will try and get a vid up of it.