Only gone and made myself a website.

February 16, 2011

Finally got round to learning dreamweaver and to celebrate I designed my own website which is on the web now, go check it out at, still working on it, few bits a still a bit buggy.


nother t-shirt design

December 27, 2009

right, not pissing about anymore determined to make this happen within the month. here’s a new t-shirt design. may make a few changes to it not sure yet though.

get rich slow scheme…

December 8, 2009

another nice day-off doing work, too many coffee, cigarettes and garlic bread. decided to do some of my own work. here’s some t-shirt designs, with more to come.

been looking at printers online as well to see how much it would cost to get these to print and in shops, luckily Brighton has more shops than sense that sell independent designers work, so think that shouldn’t be a huge problem. just need to raise the money to actually get them printed now, if anyone wants to invest and give me some money, i’d be very happy. if no though may take a few months before they actually get near any shops.

designing for myself

October 5, 2009

had a rare bit of free time to do a bit of personal work, think it’s important to not forget about my own work with all the freelance stuff going on. moving down Brighton on Friday as well, currently emailing people for jobs trying to get my foot on some sort of ladder.

girl 3 black

t-shirt design design

July 30, 2009

here’s the design for the t-shirt comp i entered, been shortlisted to the last 25, if i get in top ten i get cash in the bacnk and t-shirt goes to print can vote for it here

if you like it please have a vote, skills to pay the bills, off to dole office now.

nu rave1

simple simon

February 23, 2009

Some new illustration work, will all be brought into my final major project at some point. I’m quite pleased with it but I feel as though David Foldvari is rubbing off on me slightly too much, but to be honest it’s the direction my work is going in at the moment, the more simple hand-drawn stuff moving away from the vector style illustration.

the image used is also being used in grizzly old bear t-shirt, which will be u shortly once all the final bits are done.

also another quick note, for new designers; ¬†GoMedia ( has some great advice on it, real designers who actually know what they’re talking about giving some insight into the whole industry.


logo in action

February 3, 2009

just a follow up to the logo i did for, here’s it is on the wall of the red carpet and on the t-shirt. nice to see it in it’s actual place, have no idea who these people are though, cept zack taylor and dj loli, if you know leave a comment and let me know who they are so i can put a name to a face.