flyers and homecoming

February 1, 2010

few new bits dubstep and drum and bass flyers, next flyer for the selecta cru in ox, nother bad boy line up, and new flyer for dubstep mayhem. worried i was running out of ideas, but dripping paint and a skull came to save the day again.

went to subsplash’s All Out night on thurs, was a sick night dirty dubstep, though when they dropped a couple of drum and bass tunes realise how much better it is, luckily hitting Valve in briz on sat, will be first big dnb night since bestival, all the old raving cru heading down as well gonna be a messy night i’m thinking old skool first year style, then hospitality in brighton the saturday after with london elek and danny byrd.

gonna be a good month


mountain almost gone

January 7, 2010

coming close to finishing my stupidely big workload ready to re-group and get on some new tings, no doubt it will start building up again, not having a proper job anymore helped a huge amount though meant i could knuckle down and concentrate properly, now just need to hassle people for money which has been nicely stocking up. Here’s a latest flyer for Dirty Note in Bristol another big line up, very happy with the front, back was a bit of rush job though. still all worked out well in the end.

nu-clear sounds revamp

October 18, 2009

new work for nu-clear sounds, last year all the work i did for NCS boys was all quite grimey paint splats and skulls etc, but trying to do some more graphicsy pattern type things so came up with this, was also thinking of turning into a t-shirt design, without the words obv.



follow up to flyer

May 11, 2009

just a follow to the flyer i put u a few weeks ago for the nu-clear sounds night of the skull, (can see if you scroll down a bit).

here’s the back and the final front they used, i prefered the other one personally, had a bit more to it, but this still looked quite nice once it had gone to  print.

front 3 LOGO a5back a5

black swan

March 13, 2009

here’s a design for the front of a flyer i’m doing for a drum and bass night at the black swan in bristol, unfortunately this isn’t the actual design that’s going to be used, it’s going to be a simpler version og this but along the same lines. the vectors used are from GoMedia which i’ve found is a great tool for flyer design, i don’t think i’d use them for my personal work which is more hand-drawn. but for commercial stuff it’s a massive help.

missed uni today aswell, reason: when i go in with my ideas especially to a large group of people, usually i get put down by tutors which affects work and work-rate, demoralizes me and reinforces the fact that i shouldn’t be there. gonna wait for the 1 on 1 tutorials to show my work.

the final flyer will be up shortly


Ray Keith Flyer – the jungle special

January 30, 2009

another flyer for nu-clear sounds, ray keith and eveson at timbuk2 in bristol. kind of urban jungle type theme, 




nu-nu-clear sounds flyer

January 11, 2009

been a month or so since i put something up with christmas an all, and currently got a a stupid amount of work on, not to mention a dissertation, still managed to fit this in though

new flyer for bristol DnB night, Nu-Clear sounds run by remidy MC and fraternal (noycey). headliners are DJ Prolix & Specific.  same kind of design as the last one, but think i prefer this one though, got slightly more texture to it