March 21, 2010

nice day in brightizzle today, so spent it in a dark pub watching football, talked to some brighton kids, one of which dressed like a 1920s washer-woman, he almost pulled it off but not quite. it’s a hard look to do well.
even though i did fuck all today it’s geared me up to do something soon like sit somewhere and do something probably with strongbow in hand.
will actually be able to do more things once i get moneys off people, been working like a biatch for last few days, so hopefully by end of week will have some simoleans in the bank to play with.


back from bestival…

September 15, 2009

back from bestival yesterday, slept for a good 18 hours. London Elektricity and Carl Cox absolutely smashed it. seasick steve was very good as well. will shove up some pictures of our awesome fancy dress as space wizards.

need to get back to the real world and finish up all my work. no rest for the wicked

reign of terror is over

May 13, 2009

i’ve put ralph back in his box, his maverick renegade attitude was unnerving me

dear god…

May 12, 2009

this is what is currently on my tv screen,  there are people talking about politicians expenses, swine flu, earthquakes and wars. i’m slightly more worried about the state of mankind when this kind of thing is on primetime tv, as karl pilkington says “we’re going backwards”.  i don’t even know if they explained the relevence of the clown costumes.

granted iwas a bit of a telly fiend, but i’ve cut out virtually all crap from my tv diet, neighbours, hollyoaks, all that T4 crap, unfortunately my mum is going the other way incorperating any tv show based around the emergency services,(holby, casualty, the bill, CSI, law and order)



May 12, 2009

12th may

waiting for some inspiration to slap me in the face. also getting slightly frustrated at being owed money for a few months. been shafted twice before, the first time i just hassled the guy, then threatened to find out where he lives and personally collect the money, not in a tony montana type way, but just explaining it would be embarrassing for him if i had to turn up at his door and ask for the money which seemed to work. with the other guy i was told that i’d probably get shafted halfway through the design, did the whole design whilst waiting for a train though, so i didn’t really feel as bothered.
the money i’m trying to collect at the moment though is from another continent which makes the whole process slightly more tricky, just gonna keep hassling i reckon.

this is just one of the woes of being a small time designer. from now on i think i may start protecting myself a bit more, properly making invoices and asking for deposits for the bigger projects.
also been looking through a few other blogs and seeing people actually write huge paragraphs about “stuff” so think i may start doing that when i have something interesting to say, like this riveting entry.
or it’s just a good way to avoid work
here’s a photo of me today. just so you blogatronics can see what i look like, don’t think i actually have a proper profile pic
Photo 14