April 29, 2010

nother pointless post, more just to bitch and moan. once again clients fobbing me off with shit excuses. this is a pretty stressful job at the best of times. yesterday took the custard cream. being awake till 6am to fix the leaking boiler in my room which was leaking water all over my floor, carrying binfuls of water down to the bathroom every 15 mins for 4 hours, not as fun as you’d think.

all I wanted to do when i woke up was get paid and get stuff printed for meeting on friday, but got fobbed off all day, so couldn’t get things printed still waiting now to get paid, still have to get things printed. sometimes I think I really can’t be bothered with this shit. much nicer just working for myself. Decided I’m gonna get on the invoice stituation and invoice everyone for every piece of work i do just to protect myself a bit more. and no more discounts, freebies, favors, no more shit. Really annoys me when people think they’re doing you a massive favor by giving you work, then an even bigger favor for paying you for it.

rant over.


small amendment

April 19, 2010

as a small amendment to that last post, i’m not having a go at all promoters. The majority of them are very sound people who have a lot of respect for the work designers like me do, and appreciate what this business is like as many of them are in the same boat.

but some don’t.

small debate – designing for free

April 19, 2010

Saw on facebook earlier someone saying “am designing logos who wants one….for free?


I don’t know if it’s just me getting older and grumpier, I like to think wiser, though probably more like grumpier seeing as I felt I should write about it on here. but this annoyed me, I mentioned to him that he’s selling himself short as well as cheapening the design industry, I said  it as advice from designer to designer, but it seemed to spark off small debate, lots of people jumped at chance for a free logo, which is where the problem lies.

I understand starting off in this business is hard as i’ve been there myself, and to be honest probably still am there (though wiser and grumpier). The first flyer job I did in the first year of university I got paid a £5 bag of weed, but when he came back a few weeks later with another job I charged him £30, and he accepted this and I carried on working for him for the next two years and basically established myself as a professional designer. this was cause I realised it was a business, and haven’t done a piece of free work since then.

The fact of the matter is you’re providing a service for someone, a service you should get paid for. If people in the same position as you aren’t charging anything, of course the clients will go for them. I don’t mind other people getting jobs but I do when they’re doing it for free, because soon it’s what these promoters will expect, to find some fresh faced designer whos happy to work for free thinking that these promoters are doing them a favor by giving them work.

I had someone the other day asked me to do some work for them, followed by ‘1st jobs free yeh?’ completely seriously, no hint of irony or sarcasm, cause that’s what people fuckin expect nowadays. now like I said before wiser and grumpier, a lot of people try and fuck you over in this business, and will continue to do so if people happily bend over for them.

right, thas my rant over, felt good. on the lighter side of life got an interview and a print/design shop on thursday. think it’s for front of house rather than design, but it’d be nice to work somewhere relevant to what i do. the reason i’m getting a job is cause it’s too stressful full-time freelance design, for some of the reasons mentioned, but won’t get bogged down in that again.

dear god…

May 12, 2009

this is what is currently on my tv screen,  there are people talking about politicians expenses, swine flu, earthquakes and wars. i’m slightly more worried about the state of mankind when this kind of thing is on primetime tv, as karl pilkington says “we’re going backwards”.  i don’t even know if they explained the relevence of the clown costumes.

granted iwas a bit of a telly fiend, but i’ve cut out virtually all crap from my tv diet, neighbours, hollyoaks, all that T4 crap, unfortunately my mum is going the other way incorperating any tv show based around the emergency services,(holby, casualty, the bill, CSI, law and order)


nothings happening

March 26, 2009

sitting here, trying to figure out what my final major project what it’s about and what i should do. but my brain is dead. the only thing i can come up with is making posters about how bollocks this whole process is. (phone call) football and music is the new idea, good excuse to see spurs aswell.

black swan

March 13, 2009

here’s a design for the front of a flyer i’m doing for a drum and bass night at the black swan in bristol, unfortunately this isn’t the actual design that’s going to be used, it’s going to be a simpler version og this but along the same lines. the vectors used are from GoMedia which i’ve found is a great tool for flyer design, i don’t think i’d use them for my personal work which is more hand-drawn. but for commercial stuff it’s a massive help.

missed uni today aswell, reason: when i go in with my ideas especially to a large group of people, usually i get put down by tutors which affects work and work-rate, demoralizes me and reinforces the fact that i shouldn’t be there. gonna wait for the 1 on 1 tutorials to show my work.

the final flyer will be up shortly


twitter this mofo having a rant

February 19, 2009

twitter is just something else to distract me on the internet, after facebook, hotmail, myspace and this blog, but i’ve joined it anyway cause  i’m a sucker for this crap. if you want to hear my angry irrelevant musings have a look for me, or talk to me when i’m in a bad mood such as yesterday.

just when i thought i had some good ideas for my final major project in uni, i was shot down once again, my continuing idea to just produce some real nice posters that can be will be appreciated simply as a nice image was not recieved too well, doesn’t help that i turn into some kind of simpleton clam when i try and explain my ideas. the problem is, is if i did open my pie-hole far enough to construct a cohesive sentence, it may have been:


ironically i’d need some balls to say that in the first place. but i have a cunning plan to ignore what they say and do what i want. we’ll see how it goes, 

also scraped  a 2-2 on the module i thought i was gonna fail, so that was a bonus. still confidence in the course has gone back to sweet fuck all. and apologies for the amount of swearing but helps convey how pissed off i actually am, i say apologies but to be honest couldn’t really give a shit.

here’s a picture from quite a few years ago, but it sums up how i feel