turtle tee

May 28, 2010

quite hungover today after an old fashioned lock-in at pub last night, but bought lots of summery fresh food for lunch, so feeling bit better. though long sleep is needed,

here’s a turtle tee.


parrots yeh

May 28, 2010

some parrots

the yids are coming

May 6, 2010

this is how happy I am today, rocked my vote earlier as well

dubstep and kerning

May 3, 2010

couple new things, flyers for subsplash, the dubstep mayhem night was cancelled, so re-did it for the all out night.

also t-shirt design for the graphic design ravers out there. not soo angry this week, calmed down a bit, though give it a week and i’m sure i’ll be able to get that pissed off again.