nother pointless post, more just to bitch and moan. once again clients fobbing me off with shit excuses. this is a pretty stressful job at the best of times. yesterday took the custard cream. being awake till 6am to fix the leaking boiler in my room which was leaking water all over my floor, carrying binfuls of water down to the bathroom every 15 mins for 4 hours, not as fun as you’d think.

all I wanted to do when i woke up was get paid and get stuff printed for meeting on friday, but got fobbed off all day, so couldn’t get things printed still waiting now to get paid, still have to get things printed. sometimes I think I really can’t be bothered with this shit. much nicer just working for myself. Decided I’m gonna get on the invoice stituation and invoice everyone for every piece of work i do just to protect myself a bit more. and no more discounts, freebies, favors, no more shit. Really annoys me when people think they’re doing you a massive favor by giving you work, then an even bigger favor for paying you for it.

rant over.


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