new illustration and meeting time

here’s new illustration, don’t really know what do with it yet, reckon it’d look nice as a big screenprint, shape of it doesn’t lend to a t-shirt too well. t-shirts on the mind at the mo constantly trying to design things that’d look good on a t-shirt.

It maybe cause I got an actual meeting with a clothes shop in Shoreditch regarding my t-shirt designs, not entirely sure what the meeting is for, just emailed them trying to flog some t-shirts, but they actually asked me to come down. all I know is I got to turn up with my portfolio, which I think currently has a small family of moths living in it. so think i’m gonna buy new A3 portfolio goto printers get all my newest designs/illustrations printed out nicely, buy new trousers, stripey jumper, cut the jew-fro off. bish bash bosh jobs a goodun.

here’s the pic


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