yes yes mayhem is here again

March 27, 2010

Dubstep Mayhem is back with some of the more old skool dubsteppers, when I say old skool I mean they’re not fresh faced 20 year olds, like most the producers that are about nowadays, bear in mind I’m saying this with no knowledge of anything.

Been beasting out some work the last week, Selecta summer special is looking big, artwork will be up soon, also various logos lables, djs, events etc.

Desmond, one of the old bristol raving cru in brighton today so we’re hitting devotion tonight at concord 2 in brighton hazard, taxman, phantasy gonna be some jump-up dnb fun.  like the old days, two of the gangliest people you may see giving their limbs a work out.

anyways here’s the dubstep mayhem flyer, given it that brighton feel. was worried he may not like it cause it’s more of that mod feel than dirty dubstep. went down well though.



March 21, 2010

nice day in brightizzle today, so spent it in a dark pub watching football, talked to some brighton kids, one of which dressed like a 1920s washer-woman, he almost pulled it off but not quite. it’s a hard look to do well.
even though i did fuck all today it’s geared me up to do something soon like sit somewhere and do something probably with strongbow in hand.
will actually be able to do more things once i get moneys off people, been working like a biatch for last few days, so hopefully by end of week will have some simoleans in the bank to play with.


March 11, 2010

just realised the phone number on my contact page has been wrong for the past 4 years, sorted that now. hope no-one has tried to phone me about work.

feed me some rss

March 6, 2010

finally figured out what RSS feeds do,  I say figured out, I was told, but don’t think the one on this site was sorted and someone ask me bout it. had a fiddle think it’s sorted now should be in the address line bit on the browser. still need to figure out how to get the little rss icon on the side.