January 21, 2010

nother flyer for dub politics,

it’s a robot.


mountain almost gone

January 7, 2010

coming close to finishing my stupidely big workload ready to re-group and get on some new tings, no doubt it will start building up again, not having a proper job anymore helped a huge amount though meant i could knuckle down and concentrate properly, now just need to hassle people for money which has been nicely stocking up. Here’s a latest flyer for Dirty Note in Bristol another big line up, very happy with the front, back was a bit of rush job though. still all worked out well in the end.

big tings in the shire

January 7, 2010

New drum and bass flyer for the jump-up Selecta boys in ox. tis a valentine special feat. Taxman & Skibadee, should be a goodun may make an effort down not sure yet though. also good interest from briz on t-shirt so gonna try and get things printed this month and hit briz town with samples soon.