feeling restless

December 30, 2009

another flyer for the restless boys down in cornwall, looks like a good night with Break and MC Wrec, like working for them get good free reign over what i produce, they always seem happy, had several unscheduled business meetings today (going into shops and talking to owners) some pretty average but also some good responses with interest in taking t-shirts. still trying to figure out logistics of it all.


nother t-shirt design

December 27, 2009

right, not pissing about anymore determined to make this happen within the month. here’s a new t-shirt design. may make a few changes to it not sure yet though.


December 18, 2009

lots of snow down in brighton too, here’s some pics from last night.

All Out Dubstep

December 18, 2009

dubstep flyer for ‘ALL OUT’ at digital in Brighton, run by the same people who do the dubstep mayhem night. looks like a biggun.

more mayhem

December 14, 2009

the next flyer for dubstep mayhem, reverting back to my old style think it works nicely though. lot of work on at the mo, lots of logos which i never really enjoy, prefer to work with more information myself. doesn’t help my room is currently -6 degrees C, with a broken radiator. think it’s slowing my brain down.

aggressive expansion

December 10, 2009

Join the bungo design facebook group >here<

get rich slow scheme…

December 8, 2009

another nice day-off doing work, too many coffee, cigarettes and garlic bread. decided to do some of my own work. here’s some t-shirt designs, with more to come.

been looking at printers online as well to see how much it would cost to get these to print and in shops, luckily Brighton has more shops than sense that sell independent designers work, so think that shouldn’t be a huge problem. just need to raise the money to actually get them printed now, if anyone wants to invest and give me some money, i’d be very happy. if no though may take a few months before they actually get near any shops.