the politics of dub

November 6, 2009

another dubstep flyer and more dub politics fun to be had, this one for the end of november. not a massively original idea, but wanted to give the icon look a bash, think it turned out quite nicely. dub politics cru coming down brighton tonight, should be a good mashup.




brighton town

November 2, 2009

been in brighton for month or so now, all moved in, all cushty. got a full time job at pound stretcher to pat the bills though it means the design is suffering slightly for it, going from pretty full time design to another job, then having to design when i wake up before work then at night when i’m back. tiring stuff. anyways here’s my first bit of work for brighton town, (dubstep flyer, standard). for the night “dubstep mayhem”. took me a while to work it out as my brain functions at half the speed now with the new job. worked out well once i got into it though.

new front