nu-clear sounds revamp

October 18, 2009

new work for nu-clear sounds, last year all the work i did for NCS boys was all quite grimey paint splats and skulls etc, but trying to do some more graphicsy pattern type things so came up with this, was also thinking of turning into a t-shirt design, without the words obv.




designing for myself

October 5, 2009

had a rare bit of free time to do a bit of personal work, think it’s important to not forget about my own work with all the freelance stuff going on. moving down Brighton on Friday as well, currently emailing people for jobs trying to get my foot on some sort of ladder.

girl 3 black

dub politics halloween special

October 3, 2009

flyer for the dub politics boys. more people doing well for themselves. their single launch went off at the O2 academy. heavy night, ended in a blur always a good sign. if you wanna get a copy of their single ‘erectosub’ can find it on itunes or chemical-records and various other places.

here’s their flyer for halloween night at The Bullingdon in Oxford, looks like it’s gonna be a heavy monstrous night. flyer done in hammer horror/b-movie style.

(also noticed a lot of really bad gramma and spelling in my posts recently, brains not functioning properly, think i’m developing late in life dyslexia)

frontBACK logo

Collision no. 5

October 3, 2009

new flyer for the collision boys down in bristol, this one a dubstep special. this night is now bi-monthly and they’re not doing too bad for themselves considering they’ve only just left school, looks like this night is gonna stick around for a while. can join their facebook group >>>here<<<. show the love. whilst we’re on groups you can check out mine  >>>here<<<.

here’s the flyer-