jew-fro no more

September 25, 2009

just attacked my fro with a pair of scissors, here’s some pics of me with the fro in full jewish flow. and one without. and one as a skinhead, you can tell i’m having a bored day today. dub politics tonight though. arrrr yessir. should be a gooodun


Photo 4



noice one bruvva

September 22, 2009

new flyer for Restless D&B down in cornwall, been wanting to try and get away from my usual style, or at least come up with something fresh, so i’m very happy with this design. probably the most hassle free flyer i’ve done as well didn’t have to change it at all.



secrecy actual

September 21, 2009

here’s the actual flyer that got printed up for the secrecy night (d&b/dubstep in bristol), people seem to like this style of flyer so there will be quite a few designs going up like it. not my choice but clients seem to like it, luckily they’re spread out around the UK so you shouldn’t see too many in the same place which is good.


secrecy back

more collision…

September 19, 2009

most recent collision night feat benny page, done in a ragga reggae style. front3


t-shirt, done, dusted, printed

September 17, 2009

this post should be up properly now, just to say thanks to everyone who had a vote for my t-shirt, it got into the top 10 which means its gone to print, now all you have to do is buy it! can check it out at it’s called The Raver, if you like it please go and buy it, mainly because it means i get money in my pocket, also good promo for me. nothing would make me happier than seeing someone actually wearing it. also already submitted my next one, so that should be up soon.

been working hard recently as always gonna stick some new work up in  a bit.

back from bestival…

September 15, 2009

back from bestival yesterday, slept for a good 18 hours. London Elektricity and Carl Cox absolutely smashed it. seasick steve was very good as well. will shove up some pictures of our awesome fancy dress as space wizards.

need to get back to the real world and finish up all my work. no rest for the wicked


September 10, 2009

off to bestival in a few hours for the end of summer blowout spending all my hard earned wonga.

see you on the other side people.

here’s a pic of me in my spaceman costume, at the moment it’s just earnie on a stick, but it’s amazing what you can do with 60 meters of tin foil.

Photo 3