flyers, flyers, flyers

July 31, 2009

non stop work for the last week, and lot more coming in, feel like a full time designer. here’s a few flyers, one for the purple turtle regular student booze den in oxford, and one for Collision’s summer party.

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summer flyer 1

summer back2


t-shirt design design

July 30, 2009

here’s the design for the t-shirt comp i entered, been shortlisted to the last 25, if i get in top ten i get cash in the bacnk and t-shirt goes to print can vote for it here

if you like it please have a vote, skills to pay the bills, off to dole office now.

nu rave1

need a real website

July 25, 2009

the kaymiester deluxe (olie kay) has got his website up and running can find him in my links for some first class honors graphic design.
i’m thinking i should actually put a proper website together, blog doesn’t quite look as nice as the real thing. just need to learn how to use dreamweaver again now.

t-shirt designing

July 25, 2009

morning people,

haven’t put anything up in a while, but had a few commissions in the last few days, so there’ll be some more lovely flyer work up soon.
also thought i’d enter a t-shirt comp, for the fame recognition and cold hard cash. please have a vote for my entry it’s at my entry is called “the Raver” under the name bungodesign. check it out think i got a chance lot’s of lazy design on there, but also lots of nice things.

went to see spurs – barcalona at wembley yesterday, not an amazing performance but 1-1 in the end but wembley was pretty fantastico lucho diable, which is spanish for fantastic lucho diable