shire calling

June 18, 2009

some more work from the shire which is nice, want to break into the Oxford scene seeing as it’s my hometown, and is lacking in some nice design except for peskett, who seems to be grabbing most the jobs.

here’s a b&w single sided flyer for reggae night at the Cellar, hopefully more work to come now i know promoter.

time in Bristol almost up as well, degree show tomorrow, results next week, home again next friday. need to sort life out.




June 15, 2009

been a week or so, finished all work final show in 5 days, got no money, got to move out, find a new house and sort my life out.
had a nice little influx of work in the past 3 days though, just waiting for replies from various people, still chasing up people for payments aswell, apart from that bo-diddly-jangles.