12th may

waiting for some inspiration to slap me in the face. also getting slightly frustrated at being owed money for a few months. been shafted twice before, the first time i just hassled the guy, then threatened to find out where he lives and personally collect the money, not in a tony montana type way, but just explaining it would be embarrassing for him if i had to turn up at his door and ask for the money which seemed to work. with the other guy i was told that i’d probably get shafted halfway through the design, did the whole design whilst waiting for a train though, so i didn’t really feel as bothered.
the money i’m trying to collect at the moment though is from another continent which makes the whole process slightly more tricky, just gonna keep hassling i reckon.

this is just one of the woes of being a small time designer. from now on i think i may start protecting myself a bit more, properly making invoices and asking for deposits for the bigger projects.
also been looking through a few other blogs and seeing people actually write huge paragraphs about “stuff” so think i may start doing that when i have something interesting to say, like this riveting entry.
or it’s just a good way to avoid work
here’s a photo of me today. just so you blogatronics can see what i look like, don’t think i actually have a proper profile pic
Photo 14


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