March 31, 2009

bit more new work for fmp, again the relevance is getting lost. but i’m happy with it, think it’s going to be a large poster girl-red-a4


nothings happening

March 26, 2009

sitting here, trying to figure out what my final major project what it’s about and what i should do. but my brain is dead. the only thing i can come up with is making posters about how bollocks this whole process is. (phone call) football and music is the new idea, good excuse to see spurs aswell.

black swan

March 13, 2009

here’s a design for the front of a flyer i’m doing for a drum and bass night at the black swan in bristol, unfortunately this isn’t the actual design that’s going to be used, it’s going to be a simpler version og this but along the same lines. the vectors used are from GoMedia which i’ve found is a great tool for flyer design, i don’t think i’d use them for my personal work which is more hand-drawn. but for commercial stuff it’s a massive help.

missed uni today aswell, reason: when i go in with my ideas especially to a large group of people, usually i get put down by tutors which affects work and work-rate, demoralizes me and reinforces the fact that i shouldn’t be there. gonna wait for the 1 on 1 tutorials to show my work.

the final flyer will be up shortly


tailor and taylor

March 10, 2009

another piece of work for zack taylor ( for a tour with him and playboy model lana tailor


happiness is…deck shaped

March 4, 2009

new pieces i’m working on for university work, the idea is happiness and things that make you happy throughout the day, one of which is having a mix on the decks, spent a good 5 hours on the wacom tab drawing this but well worth it, the other one is coffe in the morning.

click on images to get the full size to see all the detail.