snow, dissertations and tonsillitis

been a funny last few days, this isn’t really design related just a little update, had to finish my dissertation for thursday, had still got to do 3000 words or so, but got ill on tuesday which i thought was flu but turned out to be tonsillitis, which i’ve never had before but turned out to be a bitch like flu jus worse. havn’t been properly ill in a few years so forgot how shit it actually was, still had a couple of thousand words to do aswell but brain couldn’t really face it. then it snowed all night, so uni was closed so i had another day to do the dissertation, still didn’t get it done though as was still feeling awful and sleeping most the day and watching sopranos when i was awake which i found far more constructive. luckily god was smiling down on me and made it snow for a good 12 hours forcing the uni to close again so now i go the weekend to do it, and feeling better now except a killer sore throat. though spurs vs arsenal is on sunday lunch so sundays probably a write-off aswell. 

anyway here’s some photos of a bit of fun in the snow, may do an illustration of a snowman aswell, its inspired me.





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