simple simon

February 23, 2009

Some new illustration work, will all be brought into my final major project at some point. I’m quite pleased with it but I feel as though David Foldvari is rubbing off on me slightly too much, but to be honest it’s the direction my work is going in at the moment, the more simple hand-drawn stuff moving away from the vector style illustration.

the image used is also being used in grizzly old bear t-shirt, which will be u shortly once all the final bits are done.

also another quick note, for new designers;  GoMedia ( has some great advice on it, real designers who actually know what they’re talking about giving some insight into the whole industry.



grizzly bears

February 20, 2009

got some more work from the big windy garden apple state (america), it’s t-shirt design for the synth stylings of “that old grizzly bear” can check out the music here:

some designs almost finished just gotta see what they think, but will be up soon.

twitter this mofo having a rant

February 19, 2009

twitter is just something else to distract me on the internet, after facebook, hotmail, myspace and this blog, but i’ve joined it anyway cause  i’m a sucker for this crap. if you want to hear my angry irrelevant musings have a look for me, or talk to me when i’m in a bad mood such as yesterday.

just when i thought i had some good ideas for my final major project in uni, i was shot down once again, my continuing idea to just produce some real nice posters that can be will be appreciated simply as a nice image was not recieved too well, doesn’t help that i turn into some kind of simpleton clam when i try and explain my ideas. the problem is, is if i did open my pie-hole far enough to construct a cohesive sentence, it may have been:


ironically i’d need some balls to say that in the first place. but i have a cunning plan to ignore what they say and do what i want. we’ll see how it goes, 

also scraped  a 2-2 on the module i thought i was gonna fail, so that was a bonus. still confidence in the course has gone back to sweet fuck all. and apologies for the amount of swearing but helps convey how pissed off i actually am, i say apologies but to be honest couldn’t really give a shit.

here’s a picture from quite a few years ago, but it sums up how i feel



snow, dissertations and tonsillitis

February 7, 2009

been a funny last few days, this isn’t really design related just a little update, had to finish my dissertation for thursday, had still got to do 3000 words or so, but got ill on tuesday which i thought was flu but turned out to be tonsillitis, which i’ve never had before but turned out to be a bitch like flu jus worse. havn’t been properly ill in a few years so forgot how shit it actually was, still had a couple of thousand words to do aswell but brain couldn’t really face it. then it snowed all night, so uni was closed so i had another day to do the dissertation, still didn’t get it done though as was still feeling awful and sleeping most the day and watching sopranos when i was awake which i found far more constructive. luckily god was smiling down on me and made it snow for a good 12 hours forcing the uni to close again so now i go the weekend to do it, and feeling better now except a killer sore throat. though spurs vs arsenal is on sunday lunch so sundays probably a write-off aswell. 

anyway here’s some photos of a bit of fun in the snow, may do an illustration of a snowman aswell, its inspired me.




logo in action

February 3, 2009

just a follow up to the logo i did for, here’s it is on the wall of the red carpet and on the t-shirt. nice to see it in it’s actual place, have no idea who these people are though, cept zack taylor and dj loli, if you know leave a comment and let me know who they are so i can put a name to a face.