Ray Keith Flyer – the jungle special

January 30, 2009

another flyer for nu-clear sounds, ray keith and eveson at timbuk2 in bristol. kind of urban jungle type theme, 





some new illustrations & a little rant

January 13, 2009

here’s a few new illustrations, originally they were random bits of work i did, but due to my lack of work i tied them into my final university project which is centered around happiness. also just had an assessment which from my eyes can only be described as a shambles. My interest in the course is dissapearing quickly, with the briefs we get and the way they ask us to work, it’s meant to be a self-directed study but once i produce work they tell me to do it differently. so i reckon i’m not going to do too well for this module and what may be worse is it actually doesn’t bother me that much. but anywho, lifes a bitch and then you die, my dad taught me that.




nu-nu-clear sounds flyer

January 11, 2009

been a month or so since i put something up with christmas an all, and currently got a a stupid amount of work on, not to mention a dissertation, still managed to fit this in though

new flyer for bristol DnB night, Nu-Clear sounds run by remidy MC and fraternal (noycey). headliners are DJ Prolix & Specific.  same kind of design as the last one, but think i prefer this one though, got slightly more texture to it