Cover Illustration

September 23, 2008

here’s the cover illustration i did for the Bristol UWE student magazine “Westworld”. the theme for the issue was black and white. havn’t seen the finished printed version. but i’m reasonably happy with it, though the whole thing was a bit of a rush job.


back in the game…

September 4, 2008

been off the radar for a bit, went¬† on holiday for a couple of weeks and had to turn down a flyer design which was a pain, but since then i’ve been back working doing a few logos, a few posters. i’ve also just finished the cover illustration for UWE magazine which will be up soon once its been cleared. here’s a few posters i’ve been doing one for “soul Shaker” a breaks night in bristol and the other an illustration for my mate who’s a big radiohead fan.